About the area

Soloterra Tower is located just above the seaside village of  Kokkala in East Mani-Laconia. At a distance of 1000 meters from the sea, it stands on a hill enjoying the panoramic views of the bay of Kokkala, a small village in Mani, with 250 inhabitants.

There are at least 3 beaches within walking distance of the tower (approx. 10-20 minutes by foot and 5 minutes by car). Most beaches in the area are characterized by beautiful white pebbles, thus enhancing the sea with a bright turquoise color.

The harsh but unique landscape is softened by the exceptional waters surrounding the bays, the traditional settlements spread  all around the whole region, as well as picturesque villages that are destination- stations in a thorough tour of Southeastern Mani.

The landscape has an outstanding aesthetic value, acknowledged for its uniqueness, worldwide.

The natural scenery of the Municipality of East Mani with the rich flora and fauna offers the opportunity for a close contact with nature: Relaxing promenades, bike rides and swimming and challenging mountaineering routes.

Within a few kilometers, Lagia, one of the larger villages of Mani, is a ‘must’ place to visit. Lagia with the old-style cobbled streets and Byzantine churches, is listed as a traditional settlement.

The picturesque seaside settlement of Saint Cyprianos, is also 5 kilometers from Kokkala and worth visiting.On entering the village, and on the left side, one encounters a characteristic white Greek church with a stone windmill. At the end of the slope, another lovely “white pebble” beach, Ambelos. On leaving the village, some eagles’ nests are hardly noticeable resting on the gray rocks, and are named Olympies. On the right, the rocky miniature of a fjord is a delightful surprise. Those who have heard about the routes of the barren line will be enchanted in  Solotari and will prolong their stay by playing games with time, memories and emotions. From The fortified settlement of Flomohori, and its warriors, and finally, Kotronas, Mani’s port on the Adriatic Sea, the experience is limitless…

The end of the route is the charming Porto Cayo, near Cape Tainaro, the southest point of European mainland.

A scenic seaside village between the barren mountain slopes of Mani, with great dining options with Fresh fish, and coffee shops. The  southern climate make the small harbor an attractive destination, where in summer, sailing competitions take place..

In Kokkala there are two mini markets that provide the necessities for your stay. However it is a good idea to make sure you have everything you need either from Areopoli Gythio or Sparta where there are large super markets and pharmacies.

Regarding dining in Kokkala,, there are three restaurants (one in the neighboring village of Nyfi.) In the tavern of Polytimi you will taste, besides the well-known traditional dishes of Mani, (such as the Maniatic spaghetti sauce of the Mani), fresh organic local products.

At about 4 km there is a gas station.